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This product worked as advertised and had clear, helpful instructions. I bought these test strips to get a sense of the alcohol level in my breast milk after moderate drinking (1-3 standard drinks over a long dinner and that alcohol's effect over the next few hours). The first three strips I used showed a milk alcohol level of lt;.02%, in other words, no color reaction on the strip. This made me concerned that the strips were not working because, at least according to online charts I'd read outlining when it would be "safe" to breastfeed after consuming alcohol, the tests I was performing should have been detecting alcohol and quite a bit of it. I reread the instructions and did the control test suggested (saturating a test strip with a solution of five drops of 40% liquor and a cup of water) to make sure the strips were functioning properly. The strip I used in the control test showed a alcohol level of between .06% and .08%. I concluded that the test strips were working, I was just consuming too little alcohol to be detected!These experiences led me to do a bit more research. The summary advice online about drinking and breast feeding is that it is dangerous and should be avoided or done with extreme caution (e.g., by pumping ahead to create a supply for your baby and using weight and number of drink charts to determine when alcohol has completely left the body before offering your child your breast again). Based on review articles like "Alcohol and Breastfeeding" from Basic amp; Clinical Pharmacology amp; Toxicology, I've come to the conclusion that there is no evidence moderate drinking by the mother has any negative impacts on nursing or the nursing child's development. While this is not the same as it being "proven safe", my experiences with these test strips have helped me to confirm that the amount of alcohol in my breast milk after a drink or two with dinner is very, very small and that it is not rational to worry about the harm it might do to my baby. Ironically, the fact that these test strips worked so well helped me determine that they are not necessary (at least past the first box, which might help calm your nerves about the minuscule amount of alcohol you're exposing your baby to).American culture has a historically fretted and overindulgent relationship with alcohol (e.g., we enacted prohibition and then ended up drinking more during that prohibition than any other time in our history) and the current advice that breast feeding mothers avoid or carefully control their alcohol consumption seems to very much be at part of that tradition. Do your own research, make your own choices about what is safe. I will be feeding my baby right before dinner, enjoying a couple of beers or a glass of wine or a weaker cocktail with that dinner and feeding my baby again when he shows signs of hunger without any worry.These strips really work! I've been breastfeeding for a few months and have gone out for a "me" night 3x... each night when I got home, I would squirt a little milk into a cup/bowl and dip a stick in, the test results really seemed accurate. When I had 3 drinks spaced apart over 6 hours, the test faintly showed a color, when I had 4 drinks one after another, I was plum hammered and the results were dark... right on! I decided to test my milk right after having some drinks and it took a little over 2 minutes for results to start showing it after two minutes it was barely showing some really light blue color but I left it out and it got darker and darker. But the seller tells you not to read it after 3 minutes... or it can show false results but at exactly 2 minutes it was still white so I really don’t know how accurate these things are the next morning I tested my milk it showed negative I gave it more the 3 minutes and did 2 strips just to be sure because like I said the one I did the night of drinking got darker and darker after more time... not feeling to sure about these. These are great but you must follow instructions and check them at exactly 2 minutes for results!! I left mine out and an hour later it was blue but when you research it you only take the results at 2 minutes. The open air changes the color after two minutes so after two minutes just throw it away and don't worry about it. ????I was apprehensive about using these but didn’t want to gamble after having a few glasses of wine and then pumping. I ordered these after and stored the milk in the refrigerator. Once I got them, I mixed the milk a bit and tested both the questionable bottle and one I knew should test negative. These really work! Gives peace of mind.As a first-time breastfeeding mom I was scared to have a glass of wine because I did not know when my baby was going to be ready to nurse.These trips are very easy to use and accurate to use. I would recommend them!This is a great product. I was skeptical at first but this actually works. I drank one glass of wine and tested my milk, nothing showed up. Then after a little more drinking than I expected one night I tested my milk and it showed up. Obviously threw out my milk when it showed up but I was very happy to see that it would show up when tested.This is the saddest part of having a fun girls night. Bought these strips the day I knew I would be drinking. Pumped 2x that night but forgot my milk bags so had to mix all the milk together that I pumped pre drinks and after drinks ???? fortunately I know I cant give this milk to my daughter because it shows alchohol levels in it..... unfortunately I'm crying as I put almost 3 full bags of magic milk down the drain ???? Comical Shirt Men's Beach Scene Graphic Tee Tank Top Health Household => Medical Supplies Equipment => Home Tests Hot Sale Cheap Comical Shirt Men's Beach Scene Graphic Tee Tank Top San Jose Mall Wholesalers Peace of Mind Breastmilk Alcohol Testing Strips - Test Mother's our ever-expanding product range includes the latest releases from global brands in:personal devices: mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.entertainment systems: tvs, sound systems, home assistants & home theatres home appliances: acs, refrigerators, washing machines, cooktops, dishwashers etc.cameras and accessories: dslr cameras and accessories - all at affordable prices WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR BABY'S HEALTH, DON'T GUESS, TEST. With the Safe Milk Test for Breastfeeding you'll be certain whether your breastmilk contains alcohol or not and whether it is safe for your baby. NOT ONLY POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE BUT PRECISE RESULTS. The color represents the amount of alcohol in your milk and how much time is needed for the alcohol to disappear from your system. EASY, QUICK amp; RELIABLE WAY TO MAKE SURE YOUR BREAST MILK IS SAFE. This is a very precise tool which is suited to find even the smallest traces of alcohol in your milk. SIMPLE WAY TO USE. A precise and easy-to-read manual walks you through and makes the use of the test a breeze. Only three steps and no special equipment needed. MEDICALLY APPROVED PRODUCT WITH 365 DAYS RETURN GUARANTEE. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our product, return it back and get a full refund or a replacement. Product Description Keep Your Peace of Mind While Breastfeeding From now on no woman should feel guilty for having an occasional drink! The Safe Milk for Breastfeeding test is designed to detect the presence of alcohol in breast milk and provide an approximate rate of relative blood alcohol concentration in human body The test is extremely sensitive to the presence of alcohol and traces of alcohol even when breathalyzers show negative results. This is a very precise tool which is suited to find even the smallest traces of alcohol in your milk. With the Safe Milk for Breastfeeding test, you’ll be certain whether your breast milk contains any amount of alcohol compared to visual result chart on the package. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How accurate is the Safe Milk for Breastfeeding Test? The Safe Milk for Breastfeeding Test is 99.9% accurate according to the latest laboratory tests. The same test carried out at home should have the same percentage of accuracy provided that all the instructions are followed carefully. What do I do if result is negative (alcohol not detected)? If the result is positive, please check the chart to find out when your breast milk if free of alcohol. The chart is graded with reference to human’s average alcohol concentration by hours, so be sure you are checking at the right time. What is the shelf-life of this test? The shelf-life of the pouch is one year. When you are ready to take the test, bring the pouch to the room temperature. The reaction pad should be light cream, do not use the test strip if the reaction pad is blue before the breast milk is applied. Can these be used on refrigerated milk while it is still cold? For the best results breast milk should be at least of a room temperature. However, tests show that the results are accurate even when breast milk is cold. If the breast milk ha alcohol, it will be detected in the refrigerated milk too. ABOUT US OUR VISION AND IDEAS BEHIND THE PRODUCTS We believe that knowledge is power and getting more information about your body can help you make better-informed decisions. This is why we are combining the expertise of specialists from various fields: medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, and design to create easy to use, precise and affordable products for home use. From pregnancy signals to traces of various substances - now you can find out what is happening within your body faster and more reliable than ever before. OUR GOAL To produce easy to use (adaptive) product Clear to understand for end customer

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Hot Sale Cheap Comical Shirt Men's Beach Scene Graphic Tee Tank Top San Jose Mall

Comical Shirt Men's Beach Scene Graphic Tee Tank Top
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