Online Clearance Just My Style Tie-Dye Tapestry Tub Kit by Horizon Group USA, Cre Top Brand Wholesale Online

Protect Your Eyes -Blue light blockeramp;UV400 Lenses, Alleviates visual fatigue and discomfort from browsing mobile,phones,tablets, gaming and working under fluorescent lights with UVA/UVB protection and glare reduction,let you have a better sleep Blue Blocker Glasses -1 PCS mens/womens reading glasses is 23g/0.05lb.Oversize lightweight computer glasses for men/women fit most face. Resin aspherical lens, no distortion. Flexible Spring Hinge - Whether your face is oversized, petite or medium, it can easily solve your problem.The arbitrarily swingable spring leg design also reduces the squeezing of the glasses to the head.Good protection for your eyes and head! Package Includes -1 Blue light blcking glasses+ 1 zipper case + 1 microfiber cleaning cloth. Customer service -100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.We are confident that our product will meet or exceed your expectations. If you are not satisfied with the product, however, we readily offer a 90-Day Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Product Description Blue Light Blocking Progressive Multifocus Glasses MODFANS EYEWEAR is Lightweight end fashion. Very comfortable with Spring Hinge. At MODFANS we are committed to providing you with the best in eyewear. The frame is made of extremely lightweight and strong PC material that does not compress the nose or clamp the head.The spring hinge has been tested 5000 times and is flexible and comfortable.Easy to wear.Multiple suits can be used to match your clothes, hairstyle and colors.You can even give it to your partner to share with.You can place a pair of reading glasses anywhere, in your study, bedroom, office, car, etc.MODFANS is dedicated to improving the quality of reading glasses industry.Provide higher quality, better performance, better service products to the general customers. Our slogan is:: Better Vision Better World. High Quality Multi-Function Lenses What You Get From MODFANS EYEWEAR? √ Blue ray blocking -- with American HEV-Adsorb substrate absorption technology, MODFANS lenses can absorb 95% of high-energy blue light. √ UV protection -- Anti-Blu-ray Lenses utilize special U.S. substrate processing technology to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. √ Clear PC lens -- The lens was made of a fully transparent base, without any pigment, while maintaining high light transmittance. Less reflective,no affect reading, and almost no color difference. √Package Includes -1 Blue light blcking glasses+ 1 zipper case + 1 microfiber cleaning cloth. FANS SHOW Before and after using MODFANS anti-Blue light glasses Before: Headache Before:Eyestain After: Sleep Better computer glasses 035 computer glasses 036 computer glasses 210 computer glasses 216 computer glasses 219 computer glasses 011 Blue light Blocking ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ With degree ✓ Spring hinge ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Clear lens ✓ ✓ ✓ These glasses are good for reading and anti-glare, but I still have to look over the top of them for distance. looking through the middle is good for moderate distance, but if I am looking more than 15 feet away, the glasses make things fuzzy. I would prefer to have no distortion at the top. I can use them at my desk, but not if I'm out and about. I was really looking for something that I could wear shopping or similar - where I can leave them on to read small print and also for seeing as I normally would for distance. After getting cataract surgery I knew it would take some time to get a final RX and glasses made. So I tried these and many other options for getting through the transition period. Of all those tried, these were one of 2 pair I have kept. I use these mostly for mid-distance like a computer screen although I can also read quite well. Sadly the upper portion of these are definitely NOT PLANO as the magnification does NOT approach 0 at any point. I do not know if this is by design (and if so why that would be as these are supposed to be READING glasses) or if it is a limitation of progressives (just try and find a progressive on Amazon that has a truly plano upper portion - I could not). So I avoid using these when any distance viewing is required. As it happens, the lens size and low-ish position of the lenses are such that I can tilt my head down and look at distance over the top of the frames. Not ideal or comfortable to do but works in a pinch.The build quality is just ok compared to others I tried which seemed far more sturdy - especially at the hinges. But they are comfortable to wear and the optical quality (within its limits) seems quite decent. So for close and mid-range viewing they are pretty good. I also think they look decent enough for nerd glasses although that has not been a major concern of mine at this point.These are blue light glasses (as are most others I tried) and, as such, they do impact perceived color. I would have preferred them not to be so as blue light filtering has not been a major criteria for me. But they do not seem to make a clear version and that is too bad. Indeed many of the glasses on Amazon are blue light glasses and so this greatly limits the choice if you want clear lenses. I can live with this - especially as this pair is mostly relegated to use in my home office. What I received has absolutely no magnification. The images show three types. The top 3rd is for distance, The center for "transition" (whatever that means), and then the bottom3rd for reading. There is a slight tint to the glass but the lens is the same from top to bottom. Considering the price and the hassle to return, I'll figure out if there's anyone I can give them to. They're nice glasses with a nice case. Just no magnification. Only a tint that reduces some glare from my computer screen. Still doesn't help me see it so I will continue to use the magnifier built into the OS in order to read text I'm unable to read. Really disappointed in my purchase.Love these progressive reading glasses. Perfect to have when shopping so I don’t have to keep taking my readers on and off.Good for narrow/petite facesI work as a software developer and have noticed that it’s getting hard to read my computer screens as I get older. These glasses really help bring both reading my phone and computer monitors into focus and they look cute too!Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Very stylish, progression, works good close up and with computer screen, wear them at work for 10 hours sometimes need to move the stems up a little in the rear because they are spring loaded and push on sides of head can cause discomfort after a few hours. But the trade off is positive that they stay in place and the hinges are very well built. They look way more expensive than what you pay for them. Used them for more then 4 weeks so far.Sturdy, high quality lens amp; frame. Not a cheap drugstore style. These look and feel like optometry store frames. Only negative is they can smudge easily. Well worth the price overall.Like that these fit well and the progressive levels mean I can see computer screen, paperwork and while walking around. The blue light filtering is noticeable and lessens eyestrain. The glasses look nice but the plastic frame and lenses creak when putting them on/off so I'm not sure how durable they will be. Health Household => Vision => Reading Glasses MODFANS Progressive Multifocus 1.5 Reading Glasses,Blue Light Bl Just My Style Tie-Dye Tapestry Tub Kit by Horizon Group USA, Cre Online Clearance Just My Style Tie-Dye Tapestry Tub Kit by Horizon Group USA, Cre Top Brand Wholesale Online we’re passionate about what we do and it’s our mission is to bring you the best deals in the tokyo from all the leading brands. Official Outlet Store

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Online Clearance Just My Style Tie-Dye Tapestry Tub Kit by Horizon Group USA, Cre Top Brand Wholesale Online

Just My Style Tie-Dye Tapestry Tub Kit by Horizon Group USA, Cre
Just My Style Tie-Dye Tapestry Tub Kit by Horizon Group USA, Cre

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  • TIE-DYE YOUR OWN TAPESTRY: This DIY tie-dye kit includes a 30-inch by 30-inch tapestry with a trendy, cheer-me-up graphic for you to transform into a trendy décor piece!
  • LESS-MESS TIE-DYE FUN: Use the included tub to dye your tapestry for a less-mess tie-dye experience!
  • CREATE TO-DYE-FOR DESIGNS: Complete with 3 different tie-dyes and bottles, rubber bands, and a fully-illustrated project guide, it’s easy to create tons of tie-dye projects!
  • MIX amp; MATCH PRETTY PASTEL COLORS: Combine blue and pink for a lovely lavender shade, yellow and pink for a cool coral color, or yellow and blue for green!
  • SIMPLE, EASY, FUN: Just add water, apply the dye, set, and dry!

Product description


Transform a tapestry — and any ordinary fabric — into a tie-dye masterpiece with this DIY Tie-Dye Kit from Just My Style! From trendy twists to sweet stripes, stylish sunbursts and more — use the fully-illustrated instructions to learn how to personalize a new, trendy décor piece with tons of to-dye-for projects. Then, use your tie-dye skills to customize any other plain fabric from home! Just find your design, add water, apply the dye, then set and dry! The tie-dye colors work best on 100% cotton and will remain vibrant by following the care tips included. The Just My Style Tie-Dye Tapestry Tub kit is perfect for any tie-dye lover ages 8 and up.

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Just My Style Mer-Mazing Tie-Dye Just My Style Tie-Dye Fuzzy Spa Just My Style Tie-Dye Tapestry Tub Just My Style Hair Wear Tie-Dye Tub
Create mer-mazing tie-dye masterpieces! Discover a whole new way to tie-dye amp; customize 3 super-soft spa day essentials! Experience a less-mess tie-dye experience amp; customize a 30” x 30” tapestry! Tie-dye 4 trendy hair accessories inside a reusable tub!

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