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81% Polyester, 16% Nylon, 3% Elastane Imported Hand Wash Only 81% polyester, 16% nylon, 3% elastane Country of origin: Imported Care: Hand wash. Lay flat to dry. Molded, contour, padded wireless cup is free of support panels. 1/4" thick cups. Center is 1-7/8" tall. Seamless sides are 3-1/2" tall, without boning. Product description From strapless to plunge, deco offers a flawless silhouette to fit any style. This clever, seam-free range means there are no limits on what you can wear. Discounts Outlet Seller Marijuana 420 Smoke Up Bitches Weed Cannabis Pothead Stoner T-Sh Cheap Clearance Price This bra serves a very specific purpose and won't look great with everything. It works well with lower cut tops that are intended to accentuate your bust. It won't look good under fitted t shirts with a higher collar, you will likely see it "lipping" slightly at the top of the cup since the cups are a thick moulded foam. I bought it to wear under a lower cut 50s style shirt and it works great with that style. The bra lifts and seperates your bust from the front and gives it a "cakes on a plate" appearance from the side. Those saying the cups flare out on the sides, this is true but for me it doesn't flare out that much. I have a heavy on bottom bust and ordered size 32G for reference.I found out I had been wearing the wrong size bra for years, after using the size calculator on r/ABraThatFits it was legit life changing! Years of back pain and poor posture was amazingly eliminated when I realized the 34 DD/DDDs I was wearing had no actual support. My bras were basically boob hats, they just covered my boobs instead of lifting and supporting them like a bra is supposed to. Shame on you, Victoria’s Secret and Aerie for your terrible, inaccurate +4 fitting methods and pathetically narrow size range! I can’t believe I wasted so much money and spent so long in pain because of awful stores like that, but now I’ll never shop at either one ever again!Turns out my actual size is 32GG and I couldn’t believe how much better my clothes looked and fit, it was a major improvement in confidence too. Finding small band, large cup bras is not easy but this one is by far my favorite T-shirt style out of what I’ve tried so far. The price is good and as long as you take care of it and make sure you’re wearing the right size you shouldn’t have too many problems. Underwires often pop out of bras when you’re wearing one that’s too small in the cup, so if this happens to you try measuring yourself again.The bra is the most comfortable one I’ve ever worn, it looks great under clothes, and feels supportive despite only having a two hook band. I do wish there were three hooks but it works out well enough in my size. The materials are soft and silky after being washed to remove the starches in the fabric, make sure you only ever hand wash your bras with a gentle no-rinse lingerie detergent like Eucalan or Soak if you want them to last. The straps are wide, comfortable, and don’t slip down or loosen up during wear easily due to the texture on the elastic. The underwire channels have some cushioning on them so they don’t dig into my ribs like other bras do. The molded foam cups are of a medium thickness that give just the right amount of modesty and shaping, they’re a bit stiff at first but soften up a lot after washing and start to mold to your shape after a few wears.The band does run a bit large and stretches out quickly once you break it in on some sizes. My size has fluctuated a lot over time but I seem to remain proportional bust wise so I have several of these in a range of GGs. I’ve noticed that the 30 and 32 bands run a bit big but my 28 and 34 were both more true to size. Freya is known for having stretchier bands compared to some brands that run smaller so you may need a band one size down and cup one size up. I’m so thankful I found my true size and that Amazon carries so many great styles from UK brands with small bands and larger cup sizes, it’s practically impossible for me to find my size in US stores where most brands sadly don’t have anything below a 32 band or above a DD cup. I only wish that Freya would expand the size range to H+ since I’m at the very end of the size range available, if I have any major fluctuations beyond GG I will end up sized out of my favorite style. I truly can’t recommend r/ABraThatFits enough, and as long as Amazon keeps carrying the Freya Deco UW plunge I’ll always keep at least two in my rotation of bras I wear regularly.Yeah the bra fit really well and was supportive, but the edge of one of the cups flared out and was very noticeable under thin shirts. What an eyesore. I researched and I guess this has to do with breast shape so it might not happen to you. I exchanged for the next size down, wondering if that was the problem, even though this cup issue was happening on my larger side. That did not solve the problem. I guess this bra just isn't for me. Also, I found the straps to be stiff, scratchy and not very stretchy, but I still would have kept it if it not were for the cup issue. As a young women who has always been "blessed" I can say it's more of a curse than an actual blessing. This bra was great! But only for about 2 1/2 months, which is about as long as I've had it, until I came home tonight and noticed that my underwire has poked through the center piece. This bra fit my correctly, 34G, and I took care of it like it's recommended. I even alternate my bras frequently, which is hard for a 20 year old college kid, but I do it. A good bra is hard to find when you have a large bust, and I am no stranger to spending a nice chunk of my savings on one, after all, I am stuck with these bad boys for a lifetime, but to pay .00 on a bra, and have the underwire poke out after not even three months? Sad and frustrating.On the plus side: this bra gives GREAT cleavage. Like damn girl, you got a push up bra on? The fit of it is perfect. The color is great for skin tone! I just wish it was a better quality product like the rest of their line. I own several of their bras and with regular rotation and proper care I can make last just about a year if not slightly longer.I had so many women on the interwebs telling me to try the Freya Deco that I thought it was going to be the most glorious bra I'd ever tried on, but it was a total buzzkill. Freya, in my experience, is for women with full on top breasts. As a full on bottom, soft tissued lady the plunge was a disaster. I was bouncing around in the cups, falling out, getting that sitting on a shelf look. The cups weren't containing me completely; there were parts of the cup I didn't even fill, while parts of me drastically needed a cup to contain it. The plunge shape--the smaller angled cups, the short gore--is just not compatible with my shape at all. I'm a 32GG, for reference, with soft mom tissue, and am more shallow on top. However, I could tell the bra was really well made. I would recommend it to anyone that would fit the damned thing. Marijuana 420 Smoke Up Bitches Weed Cannabis Pothead Stoner T-Sh Shop For Discounts Freya Women's Deco UW Molded Plunge Bra Clothing, Shoes Jewelry => Women => Clothing we have rich experience and tough combat effectiveness, at the same time, we are full of awe and curiosity.

Doesn’t allow Pakistan to keep doors open for taking loans from central bank

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Discounts Outlet Seller Marijuana 420 Smoke Up Bitches Weed Cannabis Pothead Stoner T-Sh Cheap Clearance Price

Marijuana 420 Smoke Up Bitches Weed Cannabis Pothead Stoner T-Sh
Marijuana 420 Smoke Up Bitches Weed Cannabis Pothead Stoner T-Sh

  • Solid colors: 100% Cotton; Heather Grey: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester; All Other Heathers: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Marijuana 420 Smoke Up Bitches Funny Quotes Weed Humor Gift
  • Humorous pothead,stoner,sayings,novelty cannabis gifts for adult men and women.
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

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Marijuana 420 Smoke Up Bitches Funny Quotes Weed Humor Gift Humorous pothead,stoner,sayings,novelty cannabis gifts for adult men and women.

Forensic audit of explosive audio clip demanded amid govt backlash

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Hardened by years of bitter resistance, presence of young Talibs is a defining feature of group’s return to power

PDM to use ‘audio leak’ stick to beat govt with

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Bureaucrat sets off fury with PTI-Taliban analogy

PM issues directives to open inquiry against the senior joint secretary of the Cabinet division

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Committees to identify best global practices, calculate expenditure and suggest changing rules

Rising debt, low revenue ‘national security’ issue: PM

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Interim manager says his focus right now is on ‘flipping our mindset very quickly’ after Solskjaer sacking

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