Max 59% OFF Kenpo Karate Self Defence Martial Arts Long Sleeve T-Shirt Finest Selection

Tools Home Improvement => Building Supplies => Building Materials Max 59% OFF Kenpo Karate Self Defence Martial Arts Long Sleeve T-Shirt Finest Selection This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Veronica French Floral Design | Front loading machine washable, do not use detergent, do not use spin dry (Cold/Cold, Delicate Cycle, No Dryer, Hang-Lay Flat to Dry) Approx Stair Tread Size: 9 inch x 36 inch (±3% due to manufacturing) | Includes: Set of 2 Stair Treads | Color : Red | Design : Veronica Traditional Protect your stairs and create traction | Stain Resistant | Fade Resistant Indoor Use Only | In order to secure treads in place, double-sided carpet tape required (not included) Slip resistant backing works on most hardwood, marble etc stairs | Easy to clean and wash | Low nylon pile Product description Size Name:Set of 2  |  Color:Veronica Red New Size 9 in x 36 in Premium Rubber Collection indoor stair treads offer nylon low pile machine made construction with skid slip resistant rubber backing which works on most hardwood, marble etc stairs. These stair treads inspired by your pet's life style. Competitive pricing meets with great quality. Includes : Set of 2 Stair Treads | Colors In Stair Tread : Red, Beige, Brown, Green | Protect your stairs and create traction | Stain Resistant | Fade Resistant | Indoor Use Only | Rubber backing will not work on carpet surface. In order to secure the stair treads in place, double-sided carpet tape required (not included) | Approx Stair Tread Size: 9 inch x 36 inch (±%3 may differ) | Front loading machine washable without detergent , Do not use detergent and do not use spin cycle (Cold/Cold, Delicate Cycle, No Dryer, No Bleach, Hang or Lay Flat to Dry) | Easy to clean and wash if you're looking for the newest in electronic gear for your home, office, car or on-the-go, our store has it. We didn't want the hassle of carpeting our stairs but we did want to muffle the sound of three noisy kids tromping up and down them all day. We also thought the carpet would be safer since refinishing the stairs left them a bit slippery. These came in the quantity we needed and I liked the pattern and color. They are a nice weight and thickness and are of excellent quality for the price. They have a thick rubber backing. We still used small tacks at the corners and two sided tape though because they need to be tacked down if they are in a high traffic area. The carpet is durable and easy to clean. Very happy with the purchase. I got tired of carrying my dog up and down the stairs as he was too scarred. The Stair Treads are perfect! Now my dog goes up and down with confidence. They do not stay in place, but I solved the problem using Velcro. I decided to go for Velcro instead of carpet tape, because I want to be able to remove them to vacuum the steps. It works great. Love the way they look! But you definitely need to either tack them down or use carpet tape to secure them down. They do move. They're pretty and easy to clean and DON'T STAY PUT. I even bought that grippy rubber stuff to put underneath them and Niño (cat) constantly knocks them out of place and slips on them. If you have a cat, and your cat does the "omg it's 4am, I'd better run around like my butt's on fire for no reason" thing, don't bother with these. If you're in a household with able bodied mature people who don't freak out and dart up the stairs, they're very lovely.I got these because we just moved into a new home with mostly hard wood floors, including the stairs to the basement. My 14 year old Maine coon was having trouble navigating the stairs, but loves the basement. His paws have fur that grows between his pads, making it difficult to grip on solid surfaces. I was lucky to score a set that someone returned unused at a nice discount. At first I would notice one or two out of place, then I witnessesed my big old guy getting a claw stuck in the rug. The next morning I heard a rumble going down the stairs. I found my poor guy tangled up with several pieces at bottom of the stairs with his front and back claws stuck into two different pieces. He was embarrassed but not physically harmed. He agreed to a pedicure and has been able to navigate the steps without any trouble. So these will stay in place with no extra adhesive, as long as your pets nails are kept trimmed. They stay in place for my other two kitties and for us adult humans as well. Would recommend.We were drawn to the canine theme initially our dog never navigated our funky old stairs to the basement. We recently remodeled our basement, painted the steps and added a lot of light but we knew we needed to add carpet treads. We are very happy with fhe design and quality and I am excited to announce Cecil has started going up and down the stairs with confidence!These were purchased for my basement steps off the kitchen. The main reason for my selection was the color, I needed blue to match the basement paint and browns to match the dark wood and colors upstairs. The 4 star rating is only because every single piece was cut a different size, some up to 1/2 inch off. I’d say because of the pattern it’s not really noticeable to the eye when running up and down stairs to do laundry so they were good enough. I definitely would have had to return if I had bought these for the main floor. As far as installation I choose to use very small carpet tacks (6 tacks on each step) and not glue or tape because I’d like to be able to remove easily if I ever decide to change them.We have A LOT of stairs and I was searching for a long time for the perfect treads. These are them! I originally ordered just right amount to accommodate every step and had to order more due to one getting accidentally damaged (MY OWN FAULT). There were none left in stock and I decided to reach out to the seller to see if they had more. They were quick to respond, quick to find a few left in inventory for me to purchase. Extremely helpful and probably the best customer service I've experienced from Amazon. The treads are great quality and we got the matching rug for the landing. Beautiful design that fits nicely in our home. I highly recommend. Factory Sale Online Vintage Kenpo Karate Self Defence Martial Arts Long Sleeve T-Shirt Stair Treads Skid Slip Resistant Backing Indoor Carpet Stair Tre

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Max 59% OFF Kenpo Karate Self Defence Martial Arts Long Sleeve T-Shirt Finest Selection

Kenpo Karate Self Defence Martial Arts Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Kenpo Karate Self Defence Martial Arts Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  • Solid colors: 100% Cotton; Heather Grey: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester; All Other Heathers: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • This American Kenpo Karate design is great for people and students who want to show pride in there combat abilities.
  • Kenpo Karate Self Defense Martial Arts Makes a great gift for anyone studying American Kenpo or even the instructor.
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

Product description

This American Kenpo Karate design is great for people who want to show pride in there combat abilities. American Kenpo contains more kicks than Tae Kwon Do and more punches than Western Boxing, More throws than Judo, More Elbow and Knee Strikes than Muay Thai, more neck cranks and Joint dislocations than Jujutsu and Sambo combined and more knife and stick (club) combat techniques than Silat and Kali combined.

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