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Editorial Reviews Robbin' the Hood is the second album by the Southern California ska-punk band Sublime, which was released in 1994. It is noted for its experimental nature and numerous samples and interpolations of other artists. Gwen Stefani, of No Doubt, contributes guest vocals on the track "Saw Red." Newly remastered, standard weight 2-LP gatefold is available. On Sale At Best Price For Suspension Dudes (2) Front Sway Bar Links FITS Ford C-Max Escape On Sale In Outlet we promise to: source only the best consumer goods and ensure the highest quality possible.streamline the buying and payment process making it as easy as possible.help you discover products and manufacturers in china. deliver goods to our customers all over the world with speed and precision.provide 24 hour customer support on weekdays. Cheap Deals Online CDs Vinyl => Pop => Adult Alternative I can't believe I missed this train in the 90's! Of course, with most of the "popular" songs radio released around the millenium posthumously Nowell, and with the added regional differences (I grew up on the East Coast, USA) it's no wonder. I just wished I had the chance to see them live in the short time that they were playing.Robbin' the Hood is excellent. While it's notably referenced as a cheaply produced collection, it is completely unnoticeable. I would argue that it sounds more like a major studio production, and as if it was just released this year, which adds to its overall greatness.The tracks are laid out in beautiful, and sensible, order with minimal breaks in between. To me, the whole album feels like a jam session recorded one night in a extremely entertaining, but chaotic, setting. It captures the crisp sounds of dubbed ska with a supporting cast of character voices in the background. Oddly, the voices and music combined had an anxiolytic effect to it.This is album is an absolute must-have, if not for the music, then simply due to the interlaced "Raleigh Soliloquies".I have been a long time fan of Sublime, but I will admit I got hooked only after seeing the Santeria video on MTV (amazing, huh?) in the late 90's and then went back and bought their self-titled album. Great album, solid songs, a year or so later I started picking up their other releases such as 40oz and Second Hand Smoke, etc. For some reason, this album passed me by. Well I picked it up randomly a few weeks ago, and I have got to say that while it is not as immediately accessible as their other albums, it truly does stand on its own. This feels a lot like a demo tape, lo-fi aesthetics throughout, with weird skits thrown in and no pretense of professional studio treatment. However, there are hooks buried here that really work, and it ends up feeling much more authentic than some of their other work. If you need a reason to get this album, go check out the song "Greatest Hits", it really epitomizes the feeling of this album. The song structure is not particularly tight, the timing feels off-kilter, they stop, they start, but somewhere around the 4th or 5th listen I realized this is one of the best songs I had heard in quite some time. If you feeling nostalgic for the drugged out crew from Long Beach, pick this up and you will not be disappointed. Okay - here's how I view this.The people who rate this album one or two stars (even the three star reviewers) don't know JACK. They simply like Sublime for their S/T. This is what I call "Shallow Listener Syndrome", or "SLS". These people don't like anything that's not mainstream (and this album is NOT mainstream, just to clarify), and anything that's not MS, they bash...just like this album. Sure, its sound quality sucks for the most part. Look past the sound quality and see the pure genius Bradley had. Look at the funny Soliloquy tracks...they're funny even after the umpteenth time. Listen to some of the dubs...you'll find them familiar...mainly because these tracks are unfinished versions of favorites (like Santeria..or Garden Grove). Some people say this album is trash. I say, it's a treasure. If you've got SLS, don't even look into this album. If you like to dig a bit deeper in a band's roots (like me), delve right in. But listen to 40 Oz. To Freedom first, just so you get a good understanding of the band. You'll appreciate it more if you do. Peace, and RIP Bradley Nowell.I'm going to describe this album with a story:(To really appreciate the gravity of this story, it needs to be understood that I bled Sublime when I was growing up. It is still my favorite band to this day. I associate the music with all of the wonderful memories I had of surfing, sneaking beers onto the local access beaches, skateboarding, eating fried seafood until I puked, catching punk and reggae bands at the local bars, blah, blah, blah.)One beautiful day, back in 2009 or 2010, I went over to my friend's house and saw his 16 or 17 year old sister's Mini Cooper sitting in the driveway. On the back window of her car was a myriad of band stickers and surf brand logos, even though she'd never so much as floated in a kiddie pool on a surfboard (you probably already know where this is going). There was everything from various "emo" bands to Phish plastered on the ass of this car. As I walked toward the front door of the house, I noticed a vinyl Sublime sticker above the left tail light that she must have bought at one of the local head shops at the beach. I walked into the house and saw said sister sprawled on the living room couch watching Harry Potter or something of the sort on the TV. I plopped down in the recliner next to her and casually asked if I could borrow her copy of Robbin' the Hood because I had lost mine (I emphasized the "the" in the title so I could be sure she wouldn't misunderstand what I was asking for). I leaned forward in the recliner with my hands planted firmly on my knees as I stared laser beams into the top of her head while I waited for her reply. Without even bothering to lift her head from the couch, she responded (wait for it) "Which one? Prince of Thieves or Men in Tights?"lt;dramatic pausegt;I. Saw. Red. (Yeah. It's a pun. Deal with it.)I sat silently for a minute or two as I clung to the last fraying thread of restraint that I had left. When I finally stopped feeling my heartbeat in my eyeballs, I told her to go outside and take the Sublime sticker off of her car. If I remember correctly, I believe my exact words were: "...right F---ing now!"If you laughed at this story, Okay. If you cried, got angry, or just shook your head in disappointment, you get it.Seriously, though - It doesn't matter how old you are or when you first heard this band. If you want to get a full scope of what Sublime was as a band and an influence, find a way to listen to this album. I'm not even suggesting you buy it. Just listen to it. Listen to it for what it is, or more importantly, listen to it for what it isn't. That doesn't just go for Sublime, either. If you find a band you really like, seek-out the early stuff. 9 time out of 10, you'll appreciate it even more.Oh yeah, and the Raleigh tracks are really weird and inevitably annoying, but it wouldn't be the same album if they weren't there.My brother was so very happy to get this for Christmas! ????????Good condition!You can never go wrong with Sublime!Super happy with this Robbin' The Hood Explicit Lyrics Suspension Dudes (2) Front Sway Bar Links FITS Ford C-Max Escape

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On Sale At Best Price For Suspension Dudes (2) Front Sway Bar Links FITS Ford C-Max Escape On Sale In Outlet

Suspension Dudes (2) Front Sway Bar Links FITS Ford C-Max Escape
Suspension Dudes (2) Front Sway Bar Links FITS Ford C-Max Escape

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